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Jelly Tot Biscuits

I was rooting round my cupboard this morning, trying to decide what biscuits to make, when I came across some Jelly Tots that my son was given at Christmas. Yes, they were still in date!! Time to do something with them, I thought! I’m also lined up to do some more baking with the children at my sons preschool next week, and needed to come up with an egg-free and dairy-free recipe as there are now some children there with allergies. This is the result of my experimentation this morning!

This recipe makes approximately 35 biscuits, and would work equally well with Smarties (or a dairy free equivalent) instead of Jelly Tots. The biscuits themselves (minus the Jelly Tot bits) are reminiscent in taste and texture to Fox’s Crinkles or Golden CrunchBiscuits. Continue reading

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Gluten Free Sugar Biscuits

Today my baking has been inspired by a lovely lady I met last week – Karin from Cafe Bebe. Karin was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease 6 months ago, and is frustrated to say the least with the Gluten Free offerings (if there are any) when she is out and about. Approximately 1 in 50 people in the UK has Coeliac Disease, and they are woefully under catered for in mainstream restaurants, cafe’s and sandwich shops.

I baked two attempts at these biscuits today, the first attempt produced beautiful biscuits, which unfortunately disintegrated as soon as we tried to eat them. With a little tweak following some advice from Karin, I came up with this recipe, which makes approximately 30 biscuits, and were a huge hit with the mums at playgroup this afternoon! Continue reading

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Hands up – who has heard of Snickerdoodles? Ok, practically no-one then!

Snickerdoodles are traditionally an American Cookie, covered in cinnamon sugar before baking. They are usually softer in the middle, and crisp round the outside, with a crackle effect thanks to the cinnamon sugar. All the ones I have tasted before have also had a not altogether pleasant taste of bicarbonate of soda (or Baking Soda as the Americans call it).

This is my version. A crisp cinnamon biscuit, perfect with a cup of coffee or tea. Continue reading

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Digestive Biscuits


This week, I was set a challenge by my lovely friend Anne, over at Three Biscuit Thursday, to bake an improved version of an everyday biscuit that you can buy in the shops. The first suggestion she came up with was Hobnobs, but I have already covered them in my Oatie Cookie post of a few months ago. The next suggestion was for Digestive Biscuits – a traditional biscuit which can be eaten on its own, or as a savoury biscuit with cheese or pate.

Because these are home baked, they don’t contain any of the preservatives that store bought ones would have, and we think they taste nicer. My son even tried to pinch an extra one from the wire cooling rack this afternoon as he liked them that much! Continue reading

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Chocolate Chip Biscuits

It is that time of the week again, so here is a biscuit recipe, in honour of Three Biscuit Thursday.

I asked my son what sort of biscuits he would like to bake with me over the weekend, and he answered “they should have chocolate”. “Do you mean chocolate biscuits, or ones with chocolate chips in?” “Chocolate Chips!”. So, Chocolate Chip Biscuits it was then….. Continue reading

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Anzac Biscuits

The 25th April is known worldwide as ANZAC Day, and is the day when the first military action taken in the First World War by the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps is recognised and honoured. This biscuit recipe was one used by families to send home baked treats to their loved ones serving at the front, as it keeps well and does not spoil in transit, partly due to the lack of eggs in the recipe.

Thanks to Mat Folas (Winner of Masterchef 2009) and proprietor of The Wild Garlic in Dorset, for this recipe, which he posted on his blog, and is originally courtesy of NZ Womans Weekly. I am staying true to the recipe, and giving measurements as published, but as requested by one of the followers of my blog, I have now provided equivalent weights! Continue reading

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Extra Gingery Ginger Nut Biscuits

These biscuits are incredibly easy to bake. I came up with the recipe when I was pregnant with Peter, and had to commute to work by car for several hours each day. These biscuits helped with my morning sickness in the car, but are equally fantastic with a mug of coffee or tea. The original recipe was by Delia Smith, but I found it lacking in the Ginger Department for me, and stepped it up a few notches! Continue reading

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Cinnamon Sugar Biscotti

Well, it is that time of the week again, and time for another biscuit recipe, in honour of Three Biscuit Thursday – this time it is Cinnamon Sugar Biscotti.

I was surfing the net looking for a new recipe and came across the Joy the Baker website. She has some gorgeous looking food on her blog, and this was one of the recipes she had posted. I believe it originally came from the Epicurious website. I was initially intimidated by the thought of baking biscotti, but believe me, they are much easier than you think they would be! Continue reading

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Crunchy Jumble Biscuits

In honour of Three Biscuit Thursday, I am going to post a new biscuit recipe on Thursday each week. This innaugural recipe is Crunchy Jumble Biscuits – a favourite in our house from , and a good way to use up crisped rice cereal. The original recipe was from a book called “Best Ever Cookies” by Hilaire Walden, but I when bake them they turn out crisp like biscuits and not soft like cookies. Continue reading

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Three Biscuit Thursday

Don’t forget that it is Three Biscuit Thursday! http://www.threebiscuitthursday.org.uk/ Lets get baking!

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