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Peter’s Favourite Flapjack


My son wanted to take a snack into his school nursery this week like some of his new friends, rather than have the snack the nursery provide. The rules for snacks brought in to his nursery are that they must be “healthy and not contain nuts”. i thought that flapjack would be a great idea – oats are a slow release energy carbohydrate, and the addition of seeds and dried fruit would also be good. I didn’t want to use the usual staple ingredient of golden syrup in my flapjack, as it can be overpoweringly sweet sometimes, so I remembered back to some oaty, seedy and nutty biscuits I baked for the long commute I used to have before I became a mum, and replaced the traditional golden syrup with maple syrup. Continue reading

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Mini Chocolate and Vanilla Marble Cupcakes


I wanted to bake some mini-muffin sized cakes to take along to our usual Thursday afternoon playgroup, and came up with this idea when trawling through my cupboards for inspiration. They were a huge hit, with mummies and preschoolers alike, and are perfect for a small bite of cake without having a whole slice of a larger one. Continue reading

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Gluten and Dairy Free Apple, Raisin and Sultana Bake


At this time of year, I’m always on the lookout for recipes which use up some of the cooking apples from the tree in my garden. I saw something similar to this online, and came up with this to meet the idea of what I wanted to bake. Gluten Free and Dairy Free, this was perfect to take for the mums at our local playgroup the other week! Continue reading

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Mandarin and Chocolate Chunk Cupcakes


My son asked me to bake some cake for him today as a treat. When asked what he wanted, he said Chocolate Chip. I added in some crushed tinned mandarin segments from my storecupboard to mix things up a bit, and this is what we ended up with – deliciously moreish and moist cakes, with a hint of mandarin orange. Continue reading

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Berry and Cherry Jam


The desire to make some jam at the weekend came about from not wanting to waste any strawberries that were getting to the point where there was the choice of throw them away, or make something with them.

This recipe is adapted from the one on the packet of Jam Sugar that I bought – for me the original recipe was too firm set and was too sugary. The recipe below gives a lovely soft-set jam, with lots of fruit flavours – the cherries really add something special in my opinion – so much that I am having some on some buttered bread while I type this up! Continue reading

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Courgette Cake


It is that time of the year again, where courgettes are in abundance if you are growing them in the garden like I am. You might also be like me in that you love courgettes, but have a small child that doesn’t like them if served as a vegetable at mealtimes! This recipe is great in that it not only uses up courgettes, but also adds pineapple into the mix as well, and so far, my son hasn’t turned down a single slice! I have made this with Regular Plain Flour and Doves Farm Gluten Free Plain Flour, and I have to say that both are great, but the Gluten Free version just has the edge for me! Without the frosting, this is also Dairy Free. Continue reading

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“Ice-cream” Cupcakes


I wanted to do something a bit different for my brothers girlfriends birthday a couple of months ago (I did the Butterfly cake at the top of my blog for her last year), and was reading one of my cake books, when I came across an idea for cupcakes baked in ice cream cup cornets. Perfect little cakes, that look just like Soft-serve ice cream cones when finished! Continue reading

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Bakewell Tarts


A friend of mine challenged me recently to come up with a recipe for a Bakewell Tart, which she could bake for her brother who is a coeliac and cannot tolerate gluten in his diet. I tested some mini versions out on the mums at playgroup this afternoon, and they were a big hit, particularly with someone who came for the first time today, and was amazed that she could have some because she too is a coeliac! This is what I came up with…. I hope you enjoy! Continue reading

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Weights, Measures and Temperatures Conversion!

Rather than write up my own conversion tables, I would like to direct you to Delia Smith’s website, which has some fantastic ones here.

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