B is for ….. Birthday Cake

The month of April brings with it my sons birthday.  This year he changed his mind several times about what he wanted his birthday cake to be, before eventually deciding that he wanted a dinosaur cake.

I set about constructing this cake the weekend before his birthday, finally finishing it the night before.  It is a sculpted Madeira Cake filled with vanilla buttercream, and I used Rice Krispie Squares to form the head, legs and tail. The plates and spikes were made using gum paste that I custom tinted, and the cake was covered in a buttercream crumb coat before covering in Regalice.  As you can see, it is a Stegosaurus, in a non-scary way – my son was turning 4 after all!

The theme this month for Alphabakes is the letter “B”, so I am entering this Birthday Cake!

Alphabakes is hosted by Ros this month from The More than Occasional Baker.  Alphabakes is hosted next month by Caroline at Caroline Makes.


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7 Responses to B is for ….. Birthday Cake

  1. That’s such a gorgeous cute dinosaur! Makes my 2 dimensional effort for my son’s fourth birthday look quite humble in comparison! I love cakes like this, they’re what memories are made of.

    • Sarah says:

      Thanks, Sarah!

      I always try and push myself a bit for Peters birthday cakes – Last year was a 3D Tow Mater (which took longer to do than this one!), but the one for his second birthday was a fairly 2D aquarium!

  2. That’s so cute! How easy is it to sculpt a cake? I’ll be doing that for the first time next week and had actually decided a madeira cake might be the best to use! Thanks for entering it into Alphabakes :-)

    • Sarah says:

      I found it quite easy to sculpt it really – I used a 23cm Madeira cake for this (8 eggs), and cut it in half to give two semicircles, which I stood on their sides to carve the rough shape with a bread knife. Once I had split them to fill with buttercream and jam, I did a final trim, and then did a buttercream crumb coat which also made the Regalice stick to the cake.

      I’ve found that Madeira Cake withstands carving much better than a standard vanilla sponge cake.

  3. This cake is so cute…I bet your son was thrilled! What did you use as the earth/sand to cover the board? :-)

    • Sarah says:

      Thankyou! He loved it, and so did his friends!

      To make the earth/sand on the board, I sprinkled crushed up rich tea biscuits over wet glace icing that I had spread on the board. It worked really well and the icing didn’t go gooey as it can sometimes.

  4. bakingaddict says:

    Thank you for entering this to AlphaBakes. Your son is so lucky to have cakes like this! :)

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