Mascarpone, Ricotta and Cream Cheese Baked Cheesecake


I love a good cheesecake, and this one comes very close to the best one I have ever eaten, at the Peninsula Hotel in New York City.  It is creamy and smooth, the ricotta gives it a bit of lightness, but it is still dense and very moreish!

I have used a variation of my Digestive Biscuit recipe for the base – baked in the 23cm springform pan, rather than baking the biscuits then crushing and mixing with extra sugar and melted butter.  My variation for a cheesecake base is shown below.

This recipe has been entered into the Alphabakes Challenge for March which is the letter “M”.  This month, Alphabakes is hosted by Caroline over at Caroline Makes…..


  • 100g Wholemeal Plain Flour
  • 50g Wheatgerm
  • 50g Oatmeal
  • 50g Light Muscovado Sugar (any soft light brown sugar will do though)
  • 35g Granulated Sugar
  • A pinch of Salt
  • 1 level tsp Baking Powder
  • 140g Unsalted Butter (cubed and straight from the fridge)
  • 2tbsp Milk


  • 250g Mascarpone
  • 250g Ricotta (strained overnight using a cloth and colander over a bowl in the fridge)
  • 250g Cream Cheese (I used low fat cream cheese as it is what I had in my fridge at the time)
  • 5 Eggs
  • 200g Caster Sugar
  • 4tsp Cornflour
  • 2tsp Vanilla Extract
  • Zest of 1 lemon

Place the Flour, Wheatgerm, Oatmeal, Sugar, Salt and Baking Powder into a food processor or large bowl.

Pulse the food processor or mix until combined.

Add in the butter.

Pulse the processor until it looks like breadcrumbs.  If you are doing this by hand, gently crumble the butter into the dry ingredients with your fingertips.

Add in the milk, and mix until it comes together in a ball.

Grease and line a 23cm Springform tin.  I tried out Dr Oetkers spray cake release, and a pre-cut tin liner from Lakeland.

Press out the digestive dough in the springform pan.

Bake for 25-30mins in a 180degree oven until golden brown on top.  Allow to cool completely.

Place the Cream Cheese, Ricotta and Mascarpone in a large bowl.

Mix until combined and fluffy with the cornflour.

Add the Lemon Zest and Vanilla, and mix well.

Add the eggs one by one, and mix, adding the sugar with the final egg.

You should end up with a silky smooth cheesecake mix!

Place the sprinform tin into a large roasting tin.  As you can see, I had to use some foil to steady the springform in the roaster.

Tip in the cheesecake mix.


Once you have put the roasting tin/springform pan combo in a preheated 175degree oven, fill the roasting pan with boiling water.  It is easier to do this once the tin is on the oven shelf.

After 15 minutes, lower the temperature to 120degrees, and bake for a further 70-80 minutes until the cheesecake is firm and the centre is only slightly wobbly.

As you can see, my cheesecake cracked slightly, but I’m fine with this happening! It certainly didn’t take away from the taste.

Allow to cool completely (and preferably refrigerated overnight) before removing from the tin.  If you remove and serve it too early, the cheesecake will not have had enough time to set up properly.




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  1. bakingaddict says:

    Thank you so much for entering this to AlphaBakes. A triple cheese cheesecake!! Yum! It looks absolutely amazing and I can just imagine the lovely,creamy texture. I think cracks make cheesecakes look better (well that’s what I tell myself!) :)

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