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“Ice-cream” Cupcakes


I wanted to do something a bit different for my brothers girlfriends birthday a couple of months ago (I did the Butterfly cake at the top of my blog for her last year), and was reading one of my cake books, when I came across an idea for cupcakes baked in ice cream cup cornets. Perfect little cakes, that look just like Soft-serve ice cream cones when finished! Continue reading

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Bakewell Tarts


A friend of mine challenged me recently to come up with a recipe for a Bakewell Tart, which she could bake for her brother who is a coeliac and cannot tolerate gluten in his diet. I tested some mini versions out on the mums at playgroup this afternoon, and they were a big hit, particularly with someone who came for the first time today, and was amazed that she could have some because she too is a coeliac! This is what I came up with…. I hope you enjoy! Continue reading

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Weights, Measures and Temperatures Conversion!

Rather than write up my own conversion tables, I would like to direct you to Delia Smith’s website, which has some fantastic ones here. Continue reading

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Carrot Cake


A few weeks ago, I went to the Essex Food Show, at Cressing Temple near Braintree. The lovely Harriet and Rebecca from Kin Knives introduced me to John and Tom from Love Farm, who sell the most fabulous Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil. I would normally run a mile from anything to do with Rapeseed, as it is my main hayfever trigger, but I was persuaded to try some and I am so glad that I did. Their oil is fragrant and tasty, and much improved my recipe for a standard Carrot cake. Continue reading

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