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Pear and Ginger Cakes


Occasionally, looking around my kitchen for inspiration, I come across something and it reminds me of something I used to bake years ago, but seem to have forgotten about. Last week was one such occasion. I was sat typing up a recipe, and glanced over to the fruit bowl. Yes, you saw right – the fruit bowl. I used to bake an absolutely gorgeous Pear and Ginger cake, which disappeared rapidly whenever I baked it. I had glanced upon some blush pears, which, to be truthful, had started to look like they had seen better days. I decided to up the ante on an old favourite recipe, and came up with these beauties! Continue reading

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Jelly Tot Biscuits

I was rooting round my cupboard this morning, trying to decide what biscuits to make, when I came across some Jelly Tots that my son was given at Christmas. Yes, they were still in date!! Time to do something with them, I thought! I’m also lined up to do some more baking with the children at my sons preschool next week, and needed to come up with an egg-free and dairy-free recipe as there are now some children there with allergies. This is the result of my experimentation this morning!

This recipe makes approximately 35 biscuits, and would work equally well with Smarties (or a dairy free equivalent) instead of Jelly Tots. The biscuits themselves (minus the Jelly Tot bits) are reminiscent in taste and texture to Fox’s Crinkles or Golden CrunchBiscuits. Continue reading

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Gluten Free Sugar Biscuits

Today my baking has been inspired by a lovely lady I met last week – Karin from Cafe Bebe. Karin was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease 6 months ago, and is frustrated to say the least with the Gluten Free offerings (if there are any) when she is out and about. Approximately 1 in 50 people in the UK has Coeliac Disease, and they are woefully under catered for in mainstream restaurants, cafe’s and sandwich shops.

I baked two attempts at these biscuits today, the first attempt produced beautiful biscuits, which unfortunately disintegrated as soon as we tried to eat them. With a little tweak following some advice from Karin, I came up with this recipe, which makes approximately 30 biscuits, and were a huge hit with the mums at playgroup this afternoon! Continue reading

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Peanut Butter Biscuits and Fluffernutter Biscuit Sandwiches

I took my son up to London on Tuesday for a Pizza Making Session at Fire & Stone in Covent Garden to celebrate the launch of the My Daddy Cooks recipe book. While I was up in Covent Garden, I could not resist the opportunity to pop into Cybercandy on Garrick Street to purchase some American Candy and Marshmallow Fluff. When we got home, I raided the cupboard to make sure I had the ingredients I needed, and this morning, I came up with this recipe, which makes 40 biscuits or 20 biscuit sandwiches. I have been told that Marshmallow Fluff can also be purchased from Amazon and occasionally from Asda.
Either Plain….or with the Fluff Buttercream Filling making a Fluffernutter Biscuit Sandwich, these biscuits are a winner – even my Mum, who isn’t keen on peanut butter, went back for more! Continue reading

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