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Tow Mater Birthday Cake

Okay, okay……. a few people have asked me to post a few photos of my sons 3rd Birthday cake…. “Tow Mater” from the Disney/Pixar film “Cars”. I’ve also decided to post this as part of the blogger EnglishMum’s Big Bake Off. So here it is…… Continue reading

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Hands up – who has heard of Snickerdoodles? Ok, practically no-one then!

Snickerdoodles are traditionally an American Cookie, covered in cinnamon sugar before baking. They are usually softer in the middle, and crisp round the outside, with a crackle effect thanks to the cinnamon sugar. All the ones I have tasted before have also had a not altogether pleasant taste of bicarbonate of soda (or Baking Soda as the Americans call it).

This is my version. A crisp cinnamon biscuit, perfect with a cup of coffee or tea. Continue reading

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Lemony Cupcakes

This is an old favourite recipe of mine, which I haven’t made for a good few years. I used to make them for colleagues when I was working up in London, and they always went down a treat and disappeared very quickly. I saw a jar of my favourite Lemon Curd in the supermarket on Friday, and couldn’t resist making them once more. Continue reading

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Digestive Biscuits


This week, I was set a challenge by my lovely friend Anne, over at Three Biscuit Thursday, to bake an improved version of an everyday biscuit that you can buy in the shops. The first suggestion she came up with was Hobnobs, but I have already covered them in my Oatie Cookie post of a few months ago. The next suggestion was for Digestive Biscuits – a traditional biscuit which can be eaten on its own, or as a savoury biscuit with cheese or pate.

Because these are home baked, they don’t contain any of the preservatives that store bought ones would have, and we think they taste nicer. My son even tried to pinch an extra one from the wire cooling rack this afternoon as he liked them that much! Continue reading

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Chocolate Chip Biscuits

It is that time of the week again, so here is a biscuit recipe, in honour of Three Biscuit Thursday.

I asked my son what sort of biscuits he would like to bake with me over the weekend, and he answered “they should have chocolate”. “Do you mean chocolate biscuits, or ones with chocolate chips in?” “Chocolate Chips!”. So, Chocolate Chip Biscuits it was then….. Continue reading

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Fig and Rosewater Syrup Cake


I came up with the idea for this cake after seeing a flower shaped cake mould on Ruth Clemens’ The Pink Whisk blog. Ruth was offering a prize of a Pampered Chef Silicon Flower mould on her blog, and I thought that a rose scented cake would go very well with it. Unfortunately I didn’t win, but I couldn’t get the idea of a rose scented cake out of my mind…..particularly after visiting the Royal Horticultural Society Gardens at Hyde Hall where there are some heavily scented roses in full bloom at the moment.

This is what I came up with… Continue reading

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Rhubarb Pavlova

I was trying to think of something new to do with the crop of rhubarb in the garden, when I came across the idea of putting a rhubarb compote on a pavlova. This is partly due to my Mum baking a Strawberry and Raspberry Pavlova for dessert on Easter Sunday, and also partly thanks to James Perry, one of the finalists on Masterchef 2011, who recently posted on his Facebook page about a Rhubarb Fool he had made.

The sharpness of the rhubarb cuts through the richness of the whipped cream and sweetness of the meringue quite nicely. The meringue is also marshmallowy in texture inside, which contrasts nicely with the crispness of the crust. Continue reading

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Vanilla Shortbread

In time for Three Biscuit Thursday, I’ve been asked for a recipe for Shortbread.

This is a very easy and fairly quick shortbread recipe, and so much nicer than shop-bought shortbread, with flecks of vanilla seeds running through it. Continue reading

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Ottolenghi Clementine and Almond Syrup Cake

First of all, I have to extend much gratitude to Yotam Ottolenghi for giving me permission to blog the baking of this cake.

I first came across this recipe when looking for details of the two Ottolenghi books – I chanced upon the blog post on the Ottolenghi website where Yotam admits that he is a cake geek…..and this recipe was hidden inside one of the comments. Also in one of the comments was mentioned an article that Yotam and Sammi Tamimi wrote for the Guardian Newspaper back in 2008. As soon as I saw the photo at the top of the article, I knew I had to try and bake the cake…… Continue reading

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