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Madeira Cake

This recipe comes courtesy of a school friend, Eira Hale, who now has her own cake business in Warwickshire, Cake That and Party . It is a fantastic recipe for celebration cakes. Continue reading

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This is the best dough I have found for making soft white rolls, and a favourite among my friends and family, cinnamon rolls. I have adapted it from a recipe from Ree Drummond – The Pioneer Woman, as I found the original recipe too cakey and a bit salty.

This might seem complicated, but I can assure you it isn’t – it just takes a few hours with a little bit to do every so often. Note – there is no kneading in this recipe!!! Continue reading

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Ginger Loaf Cake

This is our favourite ginger cake, adapted from a recipe my mum found in the BBC Good Food Magazine. The carrots add a depth of flavour, but aren’t really noticeable in the finished cake, so it is a way of getting vegetables eaten by a fussy toddler! Continue reading

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Stained Glass Biscuits

It was baking week a couple of weeks ago at our sons pre-school, and at each session, one of the mums does some baking with the children. At 2 of the sessions, I was providing the “baking”. Unfortunately I couldn’t stay for one of the sessions in the end, but I did provide something for the children to do – Stained Glass Biscuits, which appeared to be a big hit! Continue reading

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