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Anzac Biscuits

The 25th April is known worldwide as ANZAC Day, and is the day when the first military action taken in the First World War by the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps is recognised and honoured. This biscuit recipe was one used by families to send home baked treats to their loved ones serving at the front, as it keeps well and does not spoil in transit, partly due to the lack of eggs in the recipe.

Thanks to Mat Folas (Winner of Masterchef 2009) and proprietor of The Wild Garlic in Dorset, for this recipe, which he posted on his blog, and is originally courtesy of NZ Womans Weekly. I am staying true to the recipe, and giving measurements as published, but as requested by one of the followers of my blog, I have now provided equivalent weights! Continue reading

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Easter Nests

This is a quick and easy treat to make with children at Easter. My son loved helping make these, but I had to stop him trying to eat everything! This recipe makes 12 Easter Nests. Continue reading

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Extra Gingery Ginger Nut Biscuits

These biscuits are incredibly easy to bake. I came up with the recipe when I was pregnant with Peter, and had to commute to work by car for several hours each day. These biscuits helped with my morning sickness in the car, but are equally fantastic with a mug of coffee or tea. The original recipe was by Delia Smith, but I found it lacking in the Ginger Department for me, and stepped it up a few notches! Continue reading

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Chocolate Cake Pops

I’ve had quite a few requests for a post about Cake Pops, as they are one of the items I make to give to friends and family. They are the latest in-thing in baking trends, and even Starbucks have started selling them!

This is how I make my Chocolate Cake Pops….. Continue reading

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Egg Free Chocolate Cake


This is the nicest every-day chocolate cake that I bake, and it just happens to be egg-free! Continue reading

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Viennese Biscuits

These are the simplest biscuits to make that I have in my repertoire, and only have 4 ingredients, so are a perfect biscuit to have children help with.  Having no eggs in the recipe also means that should you want … Continue reading

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Chocolate Brownies

This is the best recipe I have come across for chocolate brownies, and because it has no eggs in it, you can bake it as squidgy as you want. Perfect for those with an allergy to eggs, pregnant ladies, small children or those who just want to eat really squidgy brownies without the fear of raw egg. This can also be baked with Doves Farm Gluten Free Flour to make it Gluten Free too! Continue reading

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This is the best dough I have found for making soft white rolls, and a favourite among my friends and family, cinnamon rolls. I have adapted it from a recipe from Ree Drummond – The Pioneer Woman, as I found the original recipe too cakey and a bit salty.

This might seem complicated, but I can assure you it isn’t – it just takes a few hours with a little bit to do every so often. Note – there is no kneading in this recipe!!! Continue reading

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