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Lets Make Christmas – Berry and Cherry (slightly boozy) Jam


  Back in August I posted a recipe for Berry and Cherry Jam.  For the Lets Make Christmas Event at Fortnum and Mason in London, I have made a more festive version, in a flip-top preserving jar to enter into … Continue reading

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Berry and Cherry Jam


The desire to make some jam at the weekend came about from not wanting to waste any strawberries that were getting to the point where there was the choice of throw them away, or make something with them.

This recipe is adapted from the one on the packet of Jam Sugar that I bought – for me the original recipe was too firm set and was too sugary. The recipe below gives a lovely soft-set jam, with lots of fruit flavours – the cherries really add something special in my opinion – so much that I am having some on some buttered bread while I type this up! Continue reading

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Sweet Red Pepper Chutney

This chutney recipe came about when we had a glut of green tomatoes in the garden last year. It had been a fantastic year for our tomato crop of 3 plants in each of the two Belfast sinks outside our back door, but when autumn came, we still had loads of green tomatoes. I was loathed to throw them away, as I was sure there was something I could do with them. After much research online, and reading of other chutney recipes, I came up with something which would not only use up some of the green tomatoes, but also some of the courgettes and red peppers from the garden, and some of the cooking apples from the old apple tree. Continue reading

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